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Spring Break Message

3/17/2024 11:33 am

Hello everyone! I hope you are all looking forward to a great Spring Break and remainder of the school year!


First, I want to thank all the volunteers who do the on-the-ground work of the PTCO at West. Our legion of volunteers help with teacher hospitality, library hours, planning of parties, events, and field trips, and organize fundraisers and celebration days for our students and teachers. They help make the West experience special and rewarding for our students and teachers.


Second, the PTCO board just finished the process of reviewing and awarding over $21,000 in grant requests from West’s teachers and staff. These include out-of-school activities for students, art supplies, technical equipment for theater, and supplemental books beyond what the district is able to provide. On behalf of the rest of the PTCO board, I want to thank all of you who have entrusted us to manage the $100,000 budget our families so generously donate to the West PTCO for the betterment of our students’ middle school experience.


Third, after spending considerable effort over the last several months, our Nominating Committee, and in particular our tireless volunteer coordinator and chairperson Erika Cheley, have come up with a highly qualified slate of PTCO Executive Board volunteers for next year. I have copied the list below; it has also been posted our web site We will vote on the executive board at the final General PTCO meeting of the school year on April 29 at 9:15 AM at West. At that meeting, nominations for all executive positions are also taken from the floor prior to the vote. We are also planning to have our beloved SRO Rodney Valenzuela deliver a presentation on his duties and observations as at West, as well as his interpretations of four-square rules! All of your students know Officer Valenzuela, and he has provided a unique and valuable perspective on the student and staff experience in past presentations to our PTCO.


Finally, If you plan to attend the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation Gala event, the West PTCO (with the help of our uber-volunteer Jill Smith) has provided a basket for the silent auction, so if you’re looking for a pampered-mom basket, bid it up!


2024-2025 West PTCO Board Slate, as recommended by the West PTCO Nominating Committee, Erika Cheley chairperson:


President: Garry Roseman

President-Elect: Erin Hornstein

Treasurer: Amy Land

Treasurer-Elect: Sarah Thomas

Secretary: Mandy Galbraith

Communications : Wade Nedved

Co-Fundraising : Katie Rasmussen

Co-Fundraising : Jessica Sebold




Brian Brown

WMS PTCO President, 2023-2024