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Sign up your King Soopers Card to benefit West PTCO

3/27/2024 1:18 pm

A GREAT WAY to support the West PTCO financially - without spending an extra dime - is to sign up your King Soopers loyalty card to benefit the WMS PTCO!  All you need is your King Soopers login information, which you use regularly if you order groceries for delivery or curbside pickup.


First, visit - and log in with your King Soopers account credentials.


Then select "Account" from the dropdown under your name on the upper right:



Then select "Community Rewards" from the left side:


There enter “TB782” into the “Find an organization” search box. Click “Enroll” when you see the school’s card come up:



And then you’re done!


(IF you already have an organization selected, you can press “Change Organization” and do the same search and confirm above to switch to West Middle School).